Vloetstraat 19
5408 PH Volkel
The Netherlands

The sR-1200e radar modul from Obtrasec

With the radar module of Obtrasec, your

security system will be (even) smarter

News articles

  • Practice example: Car garage Volkel
    Car garages generally have several cars in the garage. This makes a car garage an interesting location for burglars. Detecting an intruder at the earliest stage possible is therefore of great importance for a car garages. That is why Obtrasec BV has equipped a car garage in Volkel with radar detection on the outside area.
  • Practice example: Helmond
    Many security systems are limited to monitoring a building. That is good, but it is better to also guard the surrounding terrain. Preventing anyone from approaching the property to cause damage, or worse, a burglary. That is why Obtrasec BV has expanded an existing security system at a location in Helmond with a camera in combination with radar.
  • Obtrasec joins the Azena platform
    The Obtrasec Control Software is now available in the Azena application store. This app creates a plug-and-play principle that makes the Obtrasec radar modules easy to install on existing and new camera systems.
  • The advantages of radar detection
    Terrain surveillance, especially for industrial sites, is still in its infancy. Often terrein surveillance is done with cameras that respond to movement (change of pixels within the camera’s field of view). The problem with this is that, next to intruders, camera also reacts to, insects in front of the lens, weather influences or changes in the light in front of the camera. Radar is not bothered by these factors.
  • How does radar work?
    Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection And Ranging. By sending and receiving radio waves an environment is searched for objects.