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Obtrasec joins the Azena platform

Obtrasec joins the Azena platform

The Obtrasec Control Software is now available in the Azena application store. This app creates a plug-and-play system that makes the Obtrasec radar modules easy to install on existing and new camera systems.

Azena connects camera manufacturers, application developers, installers and end users through an open platform application store offering more than a hundred applications. With a few clicks the application is installed directly on security cameras that are using the Azena operating system

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Obtrasec Control Software

The Obtrasec Control Software (OCS) is the interface between the radar modules and the user. With the OCS different radar settings can be changed with the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

By using the Azena platform, Obtrasec opens a network to further roll out its radar modules. Due to the open platform operating system the Obtrasec Control Software can be installed directly on the security cameras. As a result, only a radar module needs to be installed and an external control unit is no longer required.

This does not mean that other cameras are excluded. In addition to cameras, there is also an AI-Box that runs the Azena operating system. This box can run the Obtrasec Control Software. This means that any existing IP camera system can be expanded with the radar modules from Obtrasec, which allows these existing camera systems to be made even smarter and provide more reliable detections.

The Obtrasec Control Software application from Obtrasec can be found here.