Practice example: Car garage Volkel

Car garages generally have several cars in the garage. This makes a car garage an interesting location for burglars. Detecting an intruder at the earliest stage possible is therefore of great importance for a car garages. That is why Obtrasec BV has equipped a car garage in Volkel with radar detection on the outside area.

The terrain

The area to be monitored concerns the side and square at the back of the car garage. The side of the building is a strip of 55 meters. The square at the back is an area of 30 by 24 meters. By placing only two radar modules, the entire area is covered. This makes complete coverage of the site an economically interesting solution. Intruders are detected even before reaching any of the property’s entrances. With the combination between radar and camera, any alarm can directly be verified. Adequate follow-up therefore ensures that an alarm goes off before any damage has been done to the building.

Outdoor lighting

To deter unwanted objects in the outdoor area at night, the entire outdoor lighting is connected to the radars alarm. This means that the outside lighting is always off unless the radar has detected an unwanted object. This immediately illuminates the unwanted object as soon as it enters the site. This not only provides a clear view for the cameras, but also deters the object in the field.

The radar can be adjusted in such a way that it will only respond to larger objects such as people. In this way, the control room will not be alarmed when small animals walk on the site. This reduces the number of viewing moments of the control room and therefore has advantages for both the control room and the end user.