Practice example: Helmond

Many security systems are limited to monitoring a building. That is good, but it is better to also guard the surrounding terrain. Preventing anyone from approaching the property to cause damage, or worse, a burglary. That is why Obtrasec BV has expanded an existing security system at a location in Helmond with a camera in combination with radar.

Terrain surveillance

In general, control rooms are reticent when it comes to terrain surveillance. The main reason is the high risk of false alarms. The combination of security cameras and radar significantly reduces these false alarms (both false negative as false positive). For the location in Helmond, it has been devided not to connect the system directly to a control room yet, but to first gain experience wit the radar system. The first results are very positive.

The terrain

The terrain that needs to be surveillanced is a commercial building (office/warehouse) with a parking lot which is fenced all around. This terrain is located close to a busy road with an adjacent service road and footpath, so the boundaries of the surveillanced terrain must be properly set. Radar alarms my not be transmitted from passing cars or pedestrians.

The total area has a perimeter of 50 x 80 meter, which amounts to an area of 4000m2. Due to the L-shape of the area to be monitored, on camera-radar combination is installed about the front door of the office building and a 270° camera-radar combination at the corner of the warehouse. This way almost all parking spaces and the entrance are monitored

The terrain boundaries can be defined by means of a simple installation. During the installation, a person walks a number of times over the area to be monitored, especially along the terrein boundaries. In the Obtrasec Control Software (OCS) it is then easy to set the terrain boundary on the basis of the radar pattern

The building can also be kept out of the radar’s detection field. In this way the radar will not be bothered by any reflections from the walls of the building.


Full coverage with a 360° setup

By placing three radar modules in a 360° arrangement in combination with a 360° dome camera, the entire area can be coverd with on attachment point. Because this attachment point is on the corner of the building, 270° of the total range is ultimately used.

With a radar range of 50 meters, this corner arrangement, together with the camera-radar combination about the front door of the buidling, is more than sufficient to monitor the entire area.