The advantages of radar detection

Terrain surveillance, especially for industrial sites, is still in its infancy. Often terrein surveillance is done with cameras that respond to movement (change of pixels within the camera’s field of view). The problem with this is that, next to intruders, camera also reacts to, insects in front of the lens, weather influences or changes in the light in front of the camera. Radar is not bothered by these factors. A radar only reacts to an actual object that comes within range. That is the big advantage over cameras in security applications.

Motion detection

Motion detection functions on security cameras are an ideal solution in improving the quality of the collected data. If the recorder only records when a movement is detected, less storage space is needed for all the video material. In addition, in the event of a motion detection, an alarm can be issued immediately by the camera. However, there are also disadvantages to this form of detection, especially with outdoor security. Because cameras are influenced by weather influences and insects, many false alarms are issued, both false positive and false negative. As a result, a security service often has to go out for nothing to verify the alarm.


Radar detection

Radar is not affected by these factors. In addition, it is also possible to filter out movements of small objects such as falling leaves and birds and even small animals. This ensures that a radar only gives an alarm when a relevant unwanted object (for example an intruder) is actually present on the site. The alarm messages that come in are therefore reliable and always relevant for a possible follow-up by a security company

Above is a great example. The camera with motion detection provides notifications on the smoke from the chimney (the red grids on the camera image). The alarm message that results from this will be ignored by a control room, so also what is happening behind the smoke. Radar does detect people behind the smoke, which means that the alarm message from a radar is indeed relevant. Even when it is not clearly visible on the image.